Honest responses (both positive and negative) required - Is it possible to do a half-marathon within a year of starting the couch to 5K?

Started Couch to 5K in April and completed it in July. Have been running since then (albeit not quite as religiously as every other day). Today I went for a run and covered 8 km (in a slow time of 55minutes). There is a half-marathon happening in March that I have my eye on ...

Would love to hear from anyone who has tried to work up to a HM from being a complete non-runner (which was me in April). How long has it taken you? What kind of speed would I need to be running at to make it feasible? Did you manage it?

It is just a thought at the moment but would like to set myself a challenge ... I guess I need to know whether it is an unrealistic challenge.

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  • yes!! It is all about picking the right training programme. completely doable :-)

  • ...I hope so...I started C25k in February and I am planning a HM in October....You know, I will 'train' as in go for lots of lovely runs, but if I have to walk some of it...so what. Its about the taking part and also yes about training and having a focus and drive in life. We all need that. So my advice would be 'GO FOR IT"...good luck!!

  • I reckon it's possible, as Suzy says do a proper training plan. When I started I had no idea what I wanted to do post C25K, I played around the 5k mark for a few months, when I finally cracked the 6k mark and excitedly told everyone here it was mentioned that I was well on my way to 10k, my reply was that I didn't think I would go that far, but since then the distance challenge bug has bitten me. A couple of weeks before my first anniversary of starting running I ran to parkrun, round parkrun and home again the long way, clocking up 17+k. That's only a few k short of of a HM, no training plan or anything, so yes give it a go, you'll probably make it.

  • There is a good HM training plan on Run keeper, it allows you to set your own goal for completion. There are other plans out there but I liked that one. So yes it is achievable and you should go for it. Good luck.

  • mmmm ... these are not necessarily the responses I was looking for!!! Beginning to think that I have no excuse but to go for it!!!!!

    Just out of interest - what kind of time do people look to do (I'm a 41 yr old mum). Any ideas?

  • I'd say you could get round in 2 and a quarter hours, at a rough guess. Definitely do-able - you just have to believe you can do it and follow a steady plan, building up your distance slowly to avoid injury.

    Good luck!

  • Right ... something to think about over the coming days ...

  • I would say so, depends I think on your age and level of fitness before you started C25k.

  • I am 41, Was an active teenager. Have had 2 children and have been carrying a little bit of extra weight since then (who doesn't?!?!?) but I am still classed as being of normal weight. I walk lots and swim a bit, but was aware that I wasn't very fit (slightly out of breath when I went up two flights of steps at work!!) which is why I have taken up the C25K challenge (felt I needed to do something before my 2 young boys started to overtake me in how far they could run/cycle!!!). Have lost just under a stone since starting running (If I lost another 1/2stone I would be the lightest I have been for a very long time) ... so I guess I would say that I certainly wasn't very fit before starting running, but I wasn't overweight.

    I guess due to busy life (work, 2 boys etc) I am just wondering whether I have the time to be able to run any more than I already am.

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