Bring on the rest!

My "success" with C25K has meant that others have been inspired to follow my example :-)

We now run with a friend who runs as slowly as I did when I did C25K first time round. The three of us do the 5 minute walk together then each goes of at our own speed. We have several friends between us who are almost convinced to join but we haven't been able to give them the final push yet!

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  • Buy her an mp3 player!

  • I can understand your predicament, hopefully she will soon realise that she is slowing you down. I first started running using my old mobile phone, if she has a phone that can play music she should be able to use that. Another idea is do the run with her and once you've finished do your own run on your own if you can. Maybe after a few runs she will get hooked and be confident to run on her own.

  • i think that's what I'll have to do. We take her to the park to run so I think we'll drop her off and go back!

  • Can you bear to run with her (using the word "run" loosely!) and carry on your own running (ie from week 3) on your own?

    She doesn't sound like she'll stick with it for very long, and if doing it with her isn't causing you to break a sweat, you should be fine to do double helpings lol!

  • yes i think double helpings will be the way!

  • My husband (who is much fitter than me) has run a few times with me ( once each during week 2, 5 and last run of week 7). I was aware that he was going to be much faster than me and probably need to go for longer.

    How we did it, was when I started walking, he would sprint forward for half the time of the walking and then turn back and sprint back to me ready to run with me when I started running (if you see what I mean). When I was running continuously and he needed to go faster he would do some minute sprints and then come back to me.

    It works for us because we both get a workout and I get lots of praise for how much I've improved! Hopefully in time we will be able to run together 'properly' lol.

  • What a lovely husband :-) Mine "ran" with me for W1 and 2 then left me to it whilst he ran at his own speed. Actually I was ok with that because I had no pressure. I'm hoping my friend will get the message after a couple of weeks once she's au fait with the mp3 player and the 3 of us will just be able to go round the park circuit at our individual speeds.

  • Could you take her on your rest days? Would that be illegal (in a Couchto5K type of way)? Then you wouldn't mind going slow as you are not allowed to run anyway!

  • I really like that idea!!! Unfortunately the park where we run is a car ride away and I don't drive so it would mean dragging my husband out both times. but otherwise a brilliant solution :-) Perhaps i should run on the grassy area near our home on running days after Ive gone to the park with my friend. Then I'd be running on a different surface which would be good. yes, I'll definitely give that a go.

  • I think that "If it isn't X fast/doesn't make you sweat, it's not worth doing" attitude - from runners and from non-exercisers is one of those which kept me away from running for years. If her running doesn't suit you, it doesn't suit you and that's fair enough. Although I am a very slow runner (and yes, I can get away without a shower afterwards sometimes), that doesn't mean I view the idea of doing the programme again with someone else with any enthusiasm, so my suggestion would be to stick with encouragement *around* C25K and getting her sorted with her own podcast kit rather than feeling obliged but resentful about running with her.

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