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9k - naked !

Furthest run so far this morning, and as i couldn't find my earphones, it was done "naked" (ie without anything to listen to...) Culprit turned out to be my 16 year old, who couldn't find her out, so helped herself to mine.

I did my usual riverside route and broke my run into 3k chunks - had a 1 minute walk break after every 3k, I suspect more for psychological reasons than physical ones. I have a choice of 2 paths beside the river that run side by side. One is completely flat and tarmac'd and is therefore also very popular with bikes. The other is gravel and "undulates" - each section is about 300m long and drops down by 2 or 3 meters, runs along a bit then climbs back up to be level with the bike track. So a better workout and easier on knees but harder work. Decided to compromise by doing the gravel path on the outward run and the tarmac one on the way back. Weather was food for it, overcast but dry and not too cold.

Did it in 1hr27, and am happy with that - I want to work up to being able to do 10k at any stage, before I start working on getting my speed up a bit.

Got home looking forward to a chocolate milk to discover my husband and son waiting for me to go into town to meet our daugher for lunch - so chugged a lot of water instead, then scarfed a pizza at lunch ! Still no chocolate milk, but mulled wine at the christmas market this afternoon.

(Question: is it still chocolate recovery milk if its served hot ? with sprinkles ?)

happy running everyone

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sounds a lovely run, and i find the breaks really beneficial on my long runs, its mostly psychological I think, but a slow jog gives me chance to get in fluid, sweets and air!! A well deserved lunch and choccy drink... :)


I find those 'naked' runs quite different. Sometimes I enjoy them, just listening to my feet hitting the pavement, other times I find my heavy breathing distracting :)

And I think sprinkles aid recovery.


That's a fab distance. Well done you. And yes everything goes into chocolate milk - marshmallows, sprinkles, glitter balls, cinnamon, ..........

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I've forgotten my headphones a couple of times and had to treat all the other park users to Laura's dulcet tones blaring out of my iPhone!

I disagree with runswithdogs though - sprinkles only aid recovery if they're accompanied by a lovely cushion of whipped cream and marshmallows :)


Gag, all that cack on my coffee, nosiree. Shudder

I have been running mostly without my music as I have a dodgy ear. Listening to your puffing and panting though does help your breathing rhythm I find. LOL Puff two three four, pant two three four.

Sounds like had an enjoyable run today. Mulled wine sounds a good recovery drink!


Definatley think you are safe with recovery drink! Well done I ran my 10k with no music and tend not to run with music for parkrun. I find it nice to be sociable and be able to say hello to people or encourage if others are struggling. And have people encourage me! I think its good to run without music from time to time so you dont become reliant on it.

Yay for Xmas market I took kids today and they loved it they had punch and Judy :)


Sounds like a good run. You will probably be ok without the need for a walking break in your runs pretty soon. It might be less what your body needs and more what you think your body needs. In any case well done on the running.


Sounds like a good run. I like the variety you managed to get into your out and back route. You're really not far off 10km now, well done :)


Bless you for that, and your 19 year old daughter! and husband and all!You've done really well. i don't use an MP£ player, haven't got one (well, no, I have but have lost it in the house).

I love hot chocolate when I come back from the gym, great mood lifter!

Well done!


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