Couch to 5K

Ever Increasing Circles

I tried Speed again tonight running round the outskirts our cricket pitch.

Seemed a lot easier than before so I guess that means I'm making progress.

Oddly though for interval training, it was slower overall (2.13 miles at 7.44min per mile) than my best Stepping Stones run - 7.40min per mile.

Who'd have thought or should I say Howzat possible ?

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I found it quite difficult to judge my speed on grass to start with its funny how I use gates and lampposts as my time targets but huge expanses of grass don't have the same markers. I had to look for trees and bushes when I first did grass laps, it helped that I was running with others too.


It is quite difficult to keep exactly to the bpm but I guess that will improve with practice. Hope you feel better soon.


I used to find I wasn't faster overall when I did Speed, roughly the same pace, it must be that the jogging sections are bringing the overall pace down. I did find that that after a while my overall pace increased for every run though. I always run slower on grass too, but it is better for impact.


You could be right about the slower sections - I don't run that slowly during the other podcasts.


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