Couch to 5K

Back on track!

Although the knee isn't 100%, I couldn't sit on the sofa any longer and so on Sunday morning me and Laura hit the street for Week 6 Run 2.

Felt fine through the warm up walk but was a bit apprehensive about actually running until I started. Paced myself a little slower than usual so that I could make sure that my knee was bearing up, concentrated on getting into my breathing rhythm and got through the first 10 minutes without any problems. Nice brisk walk, Laura telling me I could do it, and then off for the second 10 minutes. It wasn't long enough! I could have kept going!!!

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get back into the swing of things so it's a real testimony to how well the plan works. You put in the ground work on your intervals week to week so if there's a short break it's not too hard to catch up again. Looking forward to Week 6 Run 3 tomorrow night and then only 3 weeks to graduate!

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Glad to hear your knee injury has cleared up. We are at exactly the same point now, I'm doing week 6 run 3 later today - eek!


Hi Mrs M, glad to hear you've got back into it again with no ill effects.Enjoy your run 3 tomorrow.


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