Couch to 5K


Well i graduated on a high...about 4 months ago if not longer! Im shamed to say i hardly ran again, no idea why really, obviously just too lazy! BUT Im back! Going to start with week 4 or 5 and see how it feels. I went out today but didn't have the podcast on my need phone and managed to run for 8.5 min, walk for 1 min then run for 9 so was pleased with that but i think i need to build up gradually so i don't injure myself, and i think i need laura to help me! So yes Im BACK and determined and this time once i complete week 9.i will keep it up!

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Good for you & glad you are back!

Going back to W4 or W5 seems sensible, & going by what you ran today it sounds like you haven't lost too much fitness & should be able to pick it up again easily.

Good luck!


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