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5km Easy Pace - 35mins

Hi all!

We couldn't find anyone to baby sit today so me and my wife took the kids to the park with us. I played with them while my wife ran W2R1 and then she was with them while I ran my 5km.

I ran 5km at easy pace as part of the HM programme. I adjusted the heart rate zones that the programme recommended because the original easy pace heart rate zones was too narrow (upper and lower were very close) and the upper heart rate only allowed me to shuffle and not even jog. Today was much better because the higher heart rate zone allowed me to jog at 7min km pace which I would consider easy pace.

The run was good, I didn't feel like I was pushing myself and I don't feel that sore now. Parkrun is up next, the programme wants me to run at this pace again but i would prefer to run a bit quicker. I'll see how I feel on the day!

Here is a link to the run:

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not sure I get the heart thing...surely it needs to work hard on a run??? however I am impressed you are holding back...I couldn't!!! I have just hopefully signed up for a HM at the Eden brother in law works I am officially in training!!!!


I listened to this presentation before beginning HR training, it explains the advantages of it and how to calculate your heart rate zones:

The programme I am following asks for 4 runs a week with 2 of them back-to-back on the weekend. So it wont be possible to try and run them all flat out without risking injury. That is why yesterdays run was easier. If I had run the 5km flat out I would feel a bit sore this morning but I feel fine.

Well done on signing up for the HM! When is it?


Whoa! I didn't know you embed videos, I just copied the link.


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