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5 miles (8.05km) easy pace

Hi all,

I am considering whether to run a half marathon at the end of October and will make my decision in a few weeks. I have begun a HM programme from Runners World which aims for a 2 hr 15 min time. Runners World lets you select a programme either by pace or by heart rate. I have chosen heart rates because I got a heart rate monitor with my Garmin Forerunner 610.

Today's run was 5 miles at easy pace and I had to keep my heart rate between 152 and 159, with this being the first time I have done something like this it wasn't easy. I kept going over 159 because the pace was slower than I have been doing post graduation. During yesterdays Parkrun my average km time was 5:40 and today was 7:58. I have to say that running at this pace is a challenge in itself because I ran for a longer period of time than I am used to and after 45 minutes my legs started to stiffen up.

Here is a link to my run:


Also quick family C25K club update: I had a few new joiners today so I ran with my wife, sister in law, 3 cousins, Dad and I had to push my 18 month old son in his pram. It was fun and also a challenge to jog along while pushing a pram! Once everyone finished their W1R2 I began the run above!

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I love the image in my head of your whole family running together - brilliant!

The heart rate running plan sounds interesting - I'm going to go and have a look. I know in theory that I should do a mix of paces, but despite my 'slow and steady' picture, I do always feel I should be trying to go my fastest.


We had to space out a little bit because we were taking up the whole pathway!

I have been the same as you too, I always aimed to run the fastest I could over the distance. However these easy runs are meant to build you up so you can run further. I'll be doing interval (400m) sprints on Tuesday and that is meant to help with overall speed. That'll be interesting because I have tried running flat out in many years


Take care aftab, you have had a long break from running and now you have done 2 days in succession, don't ruin you chances of your 1/2M by doing too much too soon.

I wonder how long you will have just your family running with you, I'll bet you will be joined by others before long, love it :) Hope your little one was in a running buggy, keep him safe. Sorry I was a H&S Officer for too many years in my past life.


Thanks for your concern Oldgirl. It was a very slow run and I don't have any aches and pains but if I feel very sore after a run I will skip a day.

My current challenge will be to ensure the family stick to C25K but they are enjoying it so I hope they will continue, and if they enjoy it they are more likely to invite more people!


Running with a buggy hard work I do it sometimes with two year old boy singing away as we go along the promanade ( I live by the sea )

Much harder than just pulling yourself along x


I quite liked the challenge because I told everyone to run slowly to make sure they didn't tire themselves out after the first few intervals. This meant it was easier for me to run along with the pram.


Well done, and Oldgirls advice is very sound... Your heart rate thing sounds very complicated.... But if it works then fab. I'm sure you will nail that HM but don't forget your rest days....


Yes, I have a rest day tomorrow and then a short interval session on Tuesday.

The heart rate running is interesting, what I have discovered so far is that my resting heart rate is reasonable good at 55 bpm but my maximum heart rate is higher than average for my age. I am hoping as I get fitter I will be able to run faster within a lower heart rate zone.


Good for you and your healthy family, it sounded like fun.

I believe you will be able to do the HM but don't push yourself to the point of injury.

I am also considering doing 10k at the beginning of October, but as yet not made my mind up.


Sounds like you've chosen a great plan, be careful like oldgirl says, too much and you could get an injury. That aside I predict a slightly faster time than your plan, based on your previous speeds at shorter distances. Good luck, looking forward to when you give in to the inevitable and say your doing the HM :-)


Thanks Phil. I ran 5km easy pace today. I'll blog about it later, need to put the kids to sleep now!


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