Couch to 5K

W8 R3 Flop!

was short 1/4 mile and 5 minutes, am not impressed, but it was the butterfly route and I did have a 5k walk to and from, rushed it too much to claw back just so I could overtake an old man out walking his dog (he was putting me off such a great pace he had lol) I just had nothing left to give. Lesson in humility learnt ;-)

On a lighter note, the doc says the knee pain is prob my cartilage and is surprised it only hurts when I kneel down and not when I run, Have to have a tablet review too as am feeling light headed, dizzy and sick, strangely enough I am ok when am running, aw well onwards and upwards, decided am adding swimming to the fivers next, but wow 5k swimming is 200 lengths think that might take some time to work, but have a feeling I can do it:-)

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For the 5x50 challenge, that some of us did in April/May, swimming 'counted' as 5k is you swam for 30 minutes - as you say, 5k is a long way to swim!

I was overtaken by a dogwalker in my graduation run. :) (Maybe you just need to slow down a bit?)


Thanks Greenlegs, am really glad it is only 30 minutes and not 200 lengths lol, that I think I truly can manage!

You are absolutely correct I do need to slow it down, I was running without Laura again and when I run with the club I can set a general pace behind everyone lol, but when I am on my own I do end up running too fast and having to slow it down, this time it just didn't work - there is always another run :-)


I shouldn't worry too much - sounds as thought you're doing pretty well! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to venture out with a club, but that sounds way too scary for me at the moment. I like my solitary running. :)


I was terrified when I joined the club, had only run 1 20 minute run before I joined at the end of W5, but I knew I would need the motivation, now they feel like my family, so fantastically supportive, one of the leaders is a european and british competing medal runner and yet she is happy to run along with me at the back to make sure I finish and gently push me on, the others sit waiting for me at the finish line with cheers and applause, they went absolutely mad on Wednesday when I stepped up the pace for the last 50 metres, they all chat and encourage me and made me feel so welcome, I have shaved 15 minutes off my PB and can now comfortably complete 5.5K the club have made this transition so easy I do not know what I was so scared of :-)


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