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New PB yay!

I thought I'd use the forum to celebrate something, rather than whinge, which is my natural demeanour! I'm also not very good at posting stuff regularly, so thought today is a good excuse.

I wasn't really looking forward to running tonight, felt a bit rubbish. So I kind of made a weird promise to myself, that I'd go for a pb to make it worth my while. I graduated in June and did a race for life then in 35 minutes and something, Since then I've managed to shave a minute a month off the time and today i'm down to 32:32! I was nearly crying but that's besides the point!

I so hope it can continue till December for a sub 30 min 5k, I somehow doubt that may be the case though....

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Yay Slowworm! I'm sure you'll get there with your times - just be careful you don't overdo things. I'm still amazed by how much I've come on in 10 weeks!


Thank you, I will be careful


That's great going slowworm, well done. Have you tried the C25K+ podcasts. I have used them since graduating, and I use my own music too, and they have helped me to get my time down. I graduated in April and finally I have a PB for 5km of 29.15. I took it slow and just kept running. 1 minute a month is fantastic. Maybe you should reconsider you username... :)


I have, but not for a while, I may go back and try them again. Well done on your time, that 30 minutes seems such a milestone. In my heart I think I'll always be slowworm!

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Great to hear how you turned last night around, and got that new PB. I'd say you well on course for a sub 30-minute result soon. I have always achieved my PB's on a Park Run, which is a great way to do it. I just run along side someone whose pace feels about right, and then see how it goes.

Keep it up, and keep blogging the good days and the bad days. :)


Sorry screwed up, the post below was a reply to you


I've always been a bit intimated by the thought of a park run, our one generally doesnt have anyone running more than 30 mins. I know that in reality it would be fine for me to turn up and run anytime, I just wanted to get below 30 mins before I tried it? I think I'll make that a new years resolution perhaps, either way....

I do miss Mr Benn!


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