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1st run since Graduation and it was a good one!

I've just come back from my first post grad run and I managed 5.2k! So officially the furthest I've ever ran haha!

I graduated last Wednesday and was hoping to have already been out before now but my husband has been really poorly and we have 2 young children, so I didn't have anyone to look after them while I went out for a run.

So I think to make up for the lack of runs this week I pushed myself a little further and I actually felt ok. And I knocked 2 mins off my Race for Life time...bonus!

Thanks again for the support as always!

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Fantastic....well done,Jefna :) It must have been quite frustrating,albeit necessary,to put your running on hold this last week,when you were still on a high from graduating and probably itching to get out there . Brilliant too,to have improved on your Race for Life time...congrats ,


Thank you Carolecal!

Yes, you're right I was itching to get out haha but couldn't be helped. Hopefully I'll be back to my regular outings now!


Well Jefna. Knocking two minutes off any distance is bloomin' marvellous. Hope Mr Jefna recovers soon.



Apologies if this posts twice - I though I had responded but I don't think it 'took'. What I said was - great to take time off a run! I found running after graduation a bit hard, so fantastic that you were itching to get out there, and I hope your hubby is better :) Enjoy your running!


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