C5K+ podcast

C5K+ podcast

I have just completed all three of these podcasts, I found stepping stones and speed quite tough, so I was expecting stamina to be really very tough, especially as I have had two days of rest and its quite long, but I started with 150bmp for 10 minutes, then did 160bmp for 20 minutes and finished with 165bmp for 5 minutes. Wow how did I do that, I know that at 56 I am not particularly old but I know that I am no spring chicken. Amazing. I am still going to repeat stepping stones and speed and see how I get on.

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  • Well done you ! did speed this week not good uphill though gunna try stamina on thursday and good luck with your re runs x

  • thank you. good luck with your run on Thursday, hope the hill are not too steep. :)

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