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How come I can walk almost as fast as I can run?

With the weather being so hot here in the centre of Spain I have struggled to get out more than twice a week. Sometimes only managing once a week. It takes me a lot longer to recover here than back in blighty.

So today I decided to just walk one of my running routes.

I went out at 12 midday and ambient temp was 28C. In full sunshine it was more like 31C

Result. I only took about 3 minutes longer than my run time. (At the minute I still run listening to Laura on week 9)

My heart rate was, of course, considerably lower. Average heart rate was 95 as opposed to 130/140 for running. Calories burned was also less of course. Therefore I have decided not to run again until I get back home on 30 August. Instead I will walk my routes for the next 3 or 4 weeks. That way I can go out at anytime rather having to run early morning (yuk). Also I will be able to manage a walk every other day.

Anybody else noticed the same? Anybody got a comment or suggestion etc?

God bless you all on your runnning.


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