I feel like I failed. Well I actually came back from my week 5. run 3 in tears. I only managed 10 min. It was hot and I felt like my chest was being ripped open and couldn't get a breath. I was so excited this morning when i went out. I kept telling myself I could do this. I feel like I let myself down but I seriously couldn't carry on when I hit the 10 min mark it was too much for me to hear. I just stopped as I could hardly go another step never mind another 10 min. I don't know whether to just try again in a couple of days or repeat the whole week. I didn't really want to post in case it puts other people off but I feel so gutted. I will not quit though I know its in me somewhere. I just have to find it.


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  • Don't beat yourself up about it. If it is too much at the moment, just repeat the week. Much better to do that than become despondent and give up altogether. You are doing this for you and nobody else, so have a day or two to rest and start again. Good luck. You will do it eventually. Does it really matter how long it takes?

  • It can be very disappointing when the run doesn't go to plan especially when you were so keen to do it. However you did have a go and as other bloggers will tell you a bad run is better than no run. I had a bad run earlier this week and felt quite tearful, exhausted and despondent so I lay down and listened to the podcast again and re-ran the run in my head visualising a strong athletic me. It helped me to get rid of the negative feelings about the run I actually did!!! Sports psychology is partly about the power of visualisation and then just getting out there and doing it and do it you will because you have the inner strength and determination to do it. Good look and keep us posted

  • Oh Dear! One of those bad runs I'm afraid. You must put it behind you and look forward to the next time. We must expect that sometimes, for whatever reason, our body cannot do all we ask of it. Maybe you are a bit under the weather. Or maybe that's what it is - the weather. Did you get overheated perhaps? Give it another go in a couple of days and you may well surprise yourself!

    GOOD LUCK - And keep on!

  • As others have said it was just a bad run, they happen. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and am now up at 6km (40 minutes running) I went out 4 nights ago and after 10 mins I just couldn't carry on. I decided to walk the rest of the route then head home. I went back out last night and nailed 6KM. The morale here is sometimes it just doesn't happen but don't let it affect you, go out next time and try again.

    Week 5 R3 is always a big one for all the C25K participants, I dreaded mine but you will get there, trust the programme, dust yourself off and try again in a day or so.

    good luck.

  • Oh Rfc,you are disappointed I know,but you will pick yourself up after this and you get that R3 under your belt very soon .

    I think the bloody heat is to blame,personally.I can't go out later than 8.30 a.m. at the moment and ideally I should be aiming for an hour earlier.Tomorrow (when I am due to attempt the dreaded W5R3 too) I must try to get up and out earlier than usual as its going to be extremely hot.

    See how you feel in a day or so,if its cooler or you can get out really early,you could give it another try; but if you feel you need to repeat W5 then do's not a race...take things in your own time and you will get there.

    There's no shame in repeating a week when you need to...just DON'T GIVE UP !!!!!

  • Thanks for all the great replies. I am learning to be kind to myself. I am going to try the run once more before restarting the week. As everybody says its not a race. I have made myself a playlist of songs that make me feel relaxed and that I am used to exercising with. Thinking back to this morning. Two things stick in my mind. 1). It's was already very hot when I started. 2). I was so excited about doing it I think I started off too fast. Also as everyone says you can just have a bad run

    Good luck carolecal on your week 5 run 3

    Thanks to everyone for the support.


  • Well done for your positive attitude. I made myself a playlist of songs that make me feel like dancing. Every track gives me new energy. Keep going!

  • That's more like it ! You did right to analyse it and you defo seem to have worked out why this morning's run didn't work out for you. Best of luck with it next time....let us know how you do -we're all rooting for you :)

    Thanks for your good wishes for tomorrow.Am starting to worry a bit's so damned hot (36C today) with a forecast of 23C overnight :(

    Doesn't make for good quality sleep.Will have to get up at sparrows fart I fear.Maybe just forget sleep altogether and I'll have a mega early ,maybe that's not such a good idea !

  • Good luck for your next try. Don't worry too much about one bad run, you can do it!

  • Don't give up Rfc - get your good vibes music playing and get back out there. You haven't failed, you've just learned something and increased your experience.

    I should be on W5 R2 tonight but it's already hot and although I know I should be able to do it there is a bit of me that says wait till Saturday morning and get out before it really warms up. As I'm walking home anyway (2 miles) I can decide whether or not to go out for my run while I walk.

    Because I have never run in the past, I have already decided that I will happily repeat a session or a whole week all over again if it means that I keep improving. Being able to run for a whole 5 minutes - and then being able to do it another 2 times - has been a huge confidence booster for me, so if there's a set back I just have to tell myself that 5 weeks ago I couldn't even manage a light jog to the end of the street without struggling!!

  • W5 R2 went really well on Saturday morning. Big soppy grin on my face all the way home!!

    I'm on W5 R3 tonight and fingers crossed it will go ok. If not, I'll just have to give it another go on Wednesday!

  • Oh, do not beat yourself up. I failed and failed and failed at this before I got my graduate badge. Every runner has bad days, that just happened to be one of them.

    The post I typed up about the whole thing when I finally finished is here:!/#couch...

    It might make you feel better!

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