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Now that I am a 5K graduate, I want to think of another challenge. These days I do Park Runs whenever I can but never done my 5K under 30 minutes even though that was my aim when I was running my 9th week. My PB had been 31 minutes and 2 Seconds, that was when I ran on my own, and was just once! I am doing Speed and Stamina podcasts when I feel like, to increase my speed but try to run 5K every day for 3 days a week including the Saturday Park Run. I 'accidently' did a 10K recently and finished it in 1 hour and 14 minutes. I did not plan to do it, just felt I needed to do it at the time I did it! I rather train for a 10K gradually, like I did for the 5K-'structured programme' as Laura says. Could you please suggest the best podcast/s, maybe the one that you do so that I also can start and run 10K gradually? Many thanks!

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Hi Mini, I didn't use a plan to get to 10K I did just what you are already doing. Used Speed once a week to build up my strength and stamina, (it was the one of the C25K+ Podcasts that I liked best.) I did a run of hill work once a week plus a 5K extending it each week by about 10%. It took me 7 weeks to reach 10K. I like you have never managed to do 5K in 30 minutes, my best time to date is 31:20 but I've no problem with that, I didn't start running to become an Olympic champion. My best time for 10K so far 1:06:20 which for me is acceptable but hope one day to improve if I can.

Some people are better to have a structured plan to stick to, for me I was happy with the way I did it. Good luck which ever way you chose to train for it.


Thank you Oldgirl, you are being helpful as always! I read few talking about B210K here, so wondered where they got the podcasts from. I think I am one of those people who would prefer to have a structured plan but if I can't find it, I would start doing a bit more running everyday and go up to running 10K. I want to run 5K everyday and then include Stamina and Speed as well. I think I am a bit competitive, not with anyone else, but with my own self. I like to feel that I have 'achieved' something everyday, I know I have already achieved a lot by being able to run 5K non-stop, especially when I have never run in my life but that itself does not seem to be enough anymore. I want to do a 10K race within few more months maybe, if I can manage it. So that's the plan!


I graduated last week, and like you am managing 5k in 30 minutes.

I moved onto the Stepping Stones podcast but found it slower than my usual pace first time out. However, I tried it again 2 days ago and concentrated on lengthening my stride, which made a big difference - definitely worth a try.

If you look back through the question posts a few days, I posted asking for a link to the B210k programme and was kindly given it.

Happy running!


Thank you very much Honorsmum, I never did Stepping Stone, but Stamina and Speed. As you said, I did realise that I was running slow when I did Stamina. I am short (5' 1/2"!!) so I feel that I got to be faster to run with my little feet/legs if I am to keep up with a taller runner! I will try what you said, and then see where I end up! I could not find a link to B210K on your Posts, is that what you meant to say?!


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