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Another Stepping Stone question - did I miscount?

I've done the Stepping Stone podcast twice now, and both times I've got confused by the timings.

In the intro, Laura says we'll be doing 10 mins at 150 bpm, 15 mins at 155 bpm and a final 5 minutes at 160 bpm...totalling 30 minutes.

However, both times I've done it, I've been caught out by her her saying there's just 2 minutes to go of the 155 bpm section - at the point I've calculated 5 minutes to go.

Is it the lack of oxygen messing with my brain...or does anyone else think that there's something odd?

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Yes I got so confused when ever I do stepping stone too. What I think she is saying is 2 minutes to the end of this current track (I think there are 4 tracks in to 155bpm section) and then there is one more track at 155bpm which is why I think it seems to last for ever.


Thanks Matthew. I feel like I fade in and out of what she's saying (the tracks kind of hypnotise me!), so maybe lose track of where I am!


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