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Post B210K Advice Needed

I'm hoping one of you will be ale to offer me some advice...

I have completed B210K and I'm feeling in need of a new target now. I'm not quick at all and it takes me 70 minutes to run 10k so perhaps I should work on my speed? I don't have any idea how many and what kind of runs to do each week. I'm finding it tricky (time wise) to commit to 4 x 10k runs per week but don't want to undo all my hard work and let my body forget how to do it. Does that sound ridiculous?

Anyone able to give me some useful tips for a running regime?

Thanks in advance:)

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I know what you mean.. I am struggling with the same thing. Perhaps we need a half marathon to aim for? I read somewhere about people who do shorter ( work on 5k speed) runs in the week and then bigger runs at weekends. I am aiming to get to a point of running every day. Just need to work on my alcohol consumption first!!! I also read in women's running about the benefits of running twice a day but ill leave that till I'm hardcore! Sounds like you are doing brilliantly ... Well done!!


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