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Sundays Race for Life on Week 9 Run 1 & Week 9 Run 2

Sundays Race for Life on Week 9 Run 1 & Week 9 Run 2

Week 9 Run 1

So on Sunday July 21st I ran my first ever Charity event at the Race for Life. It was hot, my Race for Life T-Shirt made me feel hotter (I missed my vest that's for sure), but what an awesome feeling to take part in this. So many emotions, from me and many other women, especially at the starting line. I'm sure our loved ones were with us that day, cheering us on.

I started faster than normal, it was very difficult to pace myself as everyone else was going so fast. I had gone into the fast group on the advice of someone I once knew, so it would be easier to move past people and keep my pace going. Every Kilometre was difficult, much harder than the 3 previous times I had run 5k in preceding weeks. Somehow I kept plodding on, refusing to stop, though I really really wanted to walk, especially when others were stopping. I passed many runners who had stopped. I ran the whole way and finished at just under 37 minutes. I was incredibly proud, I know the people I ran for will be too. I wish Laura could have been with me for this, but it wasn't to be. Laura's Lessons were with me though. I couldn't have done this without her.

Week 9 Run 2

It's been several days since my Race for Life on Sunday, today is Friday. I needed a longer recovery time as my legs weren't used to moving that quickly. This morning I ventured out again, and it was much easier. Not easy, but easier. By now I'm used to ignoring my grumbling legs, I know they can do it. I know "I" can do it. I don't have Laura with me any more. I can't seem to use the podcasts on my Android. But every time I run I can almost hear Laura telling me "It's not far now, you're doing well, you can do it!". Run keeper reports every mile to me and I have music, or sometimes no music. The dogs are loving it too. One more run and we three will Graduate... I can't wait!

I've been Running 3 miles and over (5K and over) for the last 5 runs now.

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Great job Mysticalmaid!!! CONGRATS!!! Race for Life is the reason why I am here today-never knew anything called c25K before until I signed last year to do RfL this year. It was such a great feeling that we were part of it, wasn't it? Your timing is great in this heat, it is not easy to run when it is so hot. You must be proud of yourself, for doing RfL and for doing in such good timing. Good luck to you for your future runs!!!


Thank you! Race for Life is how I found this place too. I signed up around February/March I think, then found this place and haven't looked back. I didn't quite believe I'd be running the whole 5K back then, but boy was I wrong.


Oh,so well done Mysticalmaid, you should be so proud of your achievement ...and you ran all the way ! Big congratulations :)

That was a lovely post to read,very inspiring .

Very nearly there now, good luck with W9 R3 !!


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