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W6 R3 wow not 5K

so no running club today, just Laura and me out on the C2C and wow 12 and a half minutes says Laura couldn't do that a few weeks ago could you? No I was struggling with the minute! Then before you know it only 5 minutes to go, getting right into it now and feel the strides lengthening, then Laura says lets step it up for the last 60 seconds, sorry Laura was already giving everything I had, then I noticed I had only done 2 miles (with another 1 mile each way walk to and from the C2C) was really deflated, but as Laura pointed out the C25K is designed to get you running for 30 minutes and at 25 minutes I am nearly there and now qualify as a runner, strangely I do not feel as elated as I thought I would certainly not as good as I did when I ran the 20 minutes last Friday!

Hello Week 7 I can see you there waiting for me, here I come, a little slow but hey still moving :-)

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Good for you at week 6 - the weeks rattle along now and you can see the end in sight. You are right it it not about distance it is about running for 30 mins. For most of us the time and distance comes much later. I still havent cracked it but i still get out 3 times a week for at least 30 mins - but usually more like 45mins

As you say getting out and doing it is what is important. Best of luck with week 7.

Happy running


Thanks Suzybenj I have to succeed, I have already made graduate plans, not only for the C25K but also the fivers and B210K lol, am looking forward to looking back with pride for all of my accomplishments mostly though I want to run 5K 2 days a week with the club and one day on my own. Last Wednesday I ran 5k with my club in a miserable 45 minutes.


That's great tor41! It's amazing the progress we make on this programme.

I am very shocked to hear we have to speed up for the last minute of W6R3 - aaargh!


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