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Getting back after a 10 days break, need some advice on where to start?

Hello all, due to some unfortunate row of incidents (injury, illness, out of town etc etc) I was unable to run for a week and a half (10days) now.

I left off after I completed W6R2 and if I remember correctly my next run i.e. W6R3 was suppose to be for 25min. So where should I restart? should I start week 6 (or 5) again? should I just try to continue where I left off?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

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10 days isn't a huge amount of time. I think I would probably start w6r1 and see how you feel. If it feels too much then start week 5 again. Welcome back and best of luck :)


Agree just take it easy, listen to your body see what works, run slowly and build up pace gradually, enjoy and good luck :-)


Pace is not really an issue

Couldn't put it much better as Ryansson saysabove "start w6r1 and see how you feel. If it feels too much then start week 5 again"

Good luck


Thanks, for the advice. I will begin nice and slow with R3, if I don't feel to it at the 5 min mark i will swap to R1. But If I can go on and I am tired at the 10min mark the I will switch to R2. After that no looking back i guess lol.


Hi Anand, I am in the same boat as you. I completed w6r3 two Saturdays ago and have been sick since then. I'm better now though so am planning my first run in 10 days for Wednesday. My plan is to carry on where I left of with w7r1 and see how it goes. If I feel like I'm dying I might start week 6 again, although I wouldn't like to, so I'm going to try really hard to get through it. This heat won't make it any easier though!


I have just got the trainers back on after a 15 day rest (and only 1 week after graduating) and I had the same dilemma as to where to restart, but with some good advice off here I took it really steady.

My target duration was 34 mins, although I pulled up knackered after 22 mins (plus niggly shins again), but I carried on walking. the rest of the way back.

The best advice I have come across is walk if you need to - infact on the longer runs it often offers a break in the routine - and if you do say 2 mins of walking, well there is nothing stopping you tagging 2 mins of running on at the end is there?

Good luck & Happy Running


Hi Anand, how did your run go? I went out to do w7r1 and only made it half way through :-( Oh well. I've decided to go back to w6r1 and start again from there. Not sure if I couldn't do w7r1 for psychological or physical reasons. It was hot and I had blisters so feet were a bit sore and I was sweating like crazy, but 25min non stop running just seemed like such a lot! I did complete the run by walking though. Hopefully that means something.


I've had about 5 days off, mainly due to the weather (stupid storm) I'm due to do W6R3, and I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and get on with it. Although I will stretch properly before I go! I need to get my head past R3 more than my body haha!


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