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Any advice on how to get back after a break?


Hi all,

I graduated a few months ago and continued to run twice a week. I didn't make much progress pg, but was happy with two 30 min runs per week.

I haven't ran at all for just over a month, due to work commitments. Shall I just try and carry on where I left off or would it be better say to start c25k, around week 7 ish?

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All that anybody can do after any break is to go out and see what you can manage.

A nice easy run with no expectations......... you might surprise yourself.

Whatever you cope with, you can build upon.

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for your message, I'll give it a try, hope I haven't got too much catching up to do x


Just start your tracker and go nice and slowly... you may well surprise yourself... no target distance, no target time, just a run... it’s so liberating. Just don’t run over what you were doing no matter how great it feels!

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ah thanks for the reply. I do hope I surprise myself (in a good way) 🙏🏃‍♀️


Im now in a similar boat. And been in and out of the boat a few times over the past year. What I tend to do is go out a see what I can do. If I need to take walking breaks I take them. Then I try again 2 days later and try to walk a little less and run a little more. A few weeks later I’m back to running 5K. Just get yourself out the door. That’s the hardest part.

Good luck.

Gilliano666Graduate in reply to damienair

Thanks for the tip, and as you have been in similar situation, I will follow your advice. Cant wait to get out there again 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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