National Lottery Anniversary Run

National Lottery Anniversary Run

Wow! I did it. And what an experience. Didn't expect great things as haven't been running much lately. Was thinking I'd be about 1 hr 10 mins. Was thrilled with 1 hr 23 seconds. Running into the stadium was a bit emotional and the track was great to run on. Little did I think that last year when I was at the Olympics I'd be back there running. Fantastic. Hope everyone else here who did it enjoyed it.

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  • Congrats Ros! Yep, a great atmosphere and fantastic day! Well worth getting up at Sparrows and driving up. I was also there last year and totally agree - never imagined I'd be running, never mind running in the Stadium! :-)

    Official time is 52:50 which I'm thrilled with, especially as the first mile was soooo slow due to the number of runners!

  • Wasn't it great - coming into the stadium was really incredible. Glad you enjoyed it too.

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