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Any tips for restarting after holiday please?

Hi All, I have just completed W5 run1 and all going good so far and thoroughly enjoying the C25K trip. I am due to go on holidays at about W8. I can't say I shall be able to do running while away but will aim to be active. Please can anyone say where I should go back to when I get back after 2 weeks away? Thanks in advance.

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I'd just go out for run, see how you feel and then pick up from wherever you feel comfortable. You won't have lost much fitness in two weeks so might even be able to carry on from where you left off!


Cheers dottiemay :0)


I had a week off and just took up where I left off. I think the rest did me good, actually.

With 2 weeks off, I'd be inclined to repeat the last run I did before the holiday and just see how it went.


Cheers lola465 :0))


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