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What is beyond 5K?


So I graduated last week, even ran 2 30-minutes after that. I started using RunKeeper app which is amazing. I also ordered a Garmin Forerunner 10, hoping to get it on weekend. So my question is what would you recommend after this point?

According to RunKeeper my average distance in 30 minutes is 4.2km. Should I try to run 5K no matter how long it takes? Or try to speed up in 30 minutes? Or should I start the Couck5K+ podcasts?

I'm sure there is no one single right answer for this kind of question but I'd like to hear what you'd recommend.


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I can tell you what I did if that helps.

I started by repeating my 30 minute runs 3 x a week and then quickly moved onto the 5k+ podcasts which I alternated with 30 minute runs (always running 3 x a week). In April I started the B210K stopped in June and started it again from week 3 about 10 days ago. An currently running 7K (week 4 of the program). Good luck!

RoadRunner7Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Wow 10K sounds so scary right now! Congratulations for getting to 7K. For now I can't find it in me to even attempt that. Alternating 30 mins and 5K+ sounds like a solid plan.Thanks for the comment and good luck on getting to 10K.

fightingfitGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

5k + podcasts? Where can you download it from ? and the Bridge to 10 k one? thanks xxx

RoadRunner7Graduate in reply to fightingfit

You can download 5K+ podcasts here: nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Couch-to...

I don't know much about B210K. I think there are a bunch of programs for that. I saw the plan for the official one but didn't come across any podcasts. So if anyone would post a link I'd appreciate too.



firstly well done for graduating ! when i did my week nine runs i was running about same as you so first run after graduating i worked out a 5km route and just kept going ha ha and now i run using the 5km+ podcasts (i just cant give laura up !)so bascially i do one 5km a week and then my other run is one of the podcasts and now im aiming to get faster have knocked one and half mins off my 5km since i started and that was just over month ago

so hopefully i can keep up 5km and eventually get it done in 30 mins !!!!hope maybe that helps

good luck kate

ps i got a garmin 10 after i graduated and has def helped me with my speed and its great much better than my phone app was

RoadRunner7Graduate in reply to mason73

Thanks Kate. I think that's what I should do too. First I need to improve my speed to achieve 5k in 30 mins. Honestly I'm getting bored towards the end of 30 mins and want to get it over with as soon as possible so I'm not sure if I'm up to spend 45-50 mins. So my best bet would be running faster to use the more efficiently.

Forerunner 10 is charging right now. I'll try it tomorrow for the first time. It looks like a very little gadget. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

tor41Graduate in reply to mason73

I have just finished week 5, looking forward to week 6, and already I know I would miss Laura and the wonderful (ahem) music that accompanies our podcasts as I put together my own 40 minute programme of tunes for when I am out there on my own and having listened to it I prefer 'I have both feet on the ground....' ;-)


Q: What's beyond 5k?

A: Infinity! Get out there and enjoy it!

RoadRunner7Graduate in reply to Beads

Well said!


Mix and match! Try doing some different things with your runs, and see what you enjoy most. It's very tempting to just aim for faster or further, but sometimes the revelation is the slower or untimed runs just to see what it's like. (Especially if things start to feel a bit stale, or you just don't seem to be making progress.)


Have you tried a Parkrun?? timed 5K races?


I should say timed 5K runs NOT races as it is all abilities


I'm with Greenlegs on this one. I mixed up my running, I did a regular 5K run once a week, some HIIT once and some hill work. I gradually extended my 5K as my stamina improved and was running 10K within 8 weeks. I still cannot run 5K in 30 minutes though. My fastest last year was 31:28 and 1:06:20 for 10K. I'll never be a fast runner so don't even try to break speed records. For me some of my best runs ever have just been taking off and running, often turning a corner just because I could not because it was on my route. I do also like to mix up my surfaces, i.e. tar/grass/forest track its always good to do this along with some hill work whenever possible. Good luck and well done on your graduation. Most important of all for your running is, ENJOY :)


personally I would focus on increasng distance slowly..speed can come later....


Thanks for all the ideas. I guess I'll aim for 5K. I hope I can make it under 40mins. And will try 5K+ ones too. I guess I had better not push myself too hard in this weather. I don't want to put myself off running completely.

Anyone point me in the direction of a podcast for the B210K? I found a couple of 10km plans but all by really annoying people with even worse music than C25K!

Personally im going for increasing distance and not eally worrying about the speed but I need a plan to follow.


Congrats on your graduation! I was able to run around 4kms in 30 mins when I graduated in May. Then I increased my running time to 40 mins. After that I decided to try and do 5k in 30 mins, but after nearly 2 months, my personal best for 5K was only 34:30. When I tried to run longer, I found that very difficult.

So I started training with the "Sub 65 min 10K plan" from Runkeeper. It is a wonderful plan - mixes up slow, tempo and fast runs. Keeps you interested with all the different types of runs. Also while going thru the plan, I figured that the only way to run longer distances is to "slow down". The "slow" runs in the plan really helped me with that. I completed a run of 8.5 kms in about 65 mins two days back. Now a 10K in 75 mins, doesn't look very far. I am confident I can do it, may be even a better time. Most importantly I thoroughly enjoy running now. Have fun!

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