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Pushed beyond 5K for the first time...


Endomondo says I ran 6K, and I wanted the heading to be "My first 6K", but I didn't actually run all the way... I ran for 4x10 minutes with 2-minute walking breaks in between. Maybe I ran 5.5K.

That's great too.

10K - I am coming to get youuuu!

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Still counts as a 6k, Iben! Walking breaks are perfectly acceptable (you're a graduate now!). Well done, you're doing really well at the moment!

That comment added icing to an already very delicious cake! Thank you Jay!

I am ecstatic about it! When I was out there doing the last 500 meters on my spaghetti legs, I smiled through the tiredness. I am so happy I have learned how to run! Why did I wait until the age of 44 to get started? It makes me (feel) strong, happy and beautiful.


Awesome - Well done!

PippiRuns in reply to Hidden

Thank you Sazkia :-)


Strong, happy and beautiful. What a perfect description. Well done! (and I love your use of 'spaghetti legs')!

PippiRuns in reply to McFitty

Thank you :-) Was it you who came up with the spaghetti legs recently? I read it in a post and though YES, that is exactly what they feel like those legs!

McFittyGraduate in reply to PippiRuns

I wish I had coined that phrase! No, it wasn't me but I definitely know how they feel :)

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to PippiRuns

Think that was me with the limp spaghetti legs! On my run last Sunday.

I knew it came from someone in here, but couldn't remember who it was. It is going to become a term I use a lot as it describes very accurately how my legs always feel nearing the end of long runs.


In the running world, I see far too much emphasis on this idea of "not stopping under any circumstances". I'm not sure where it comes from - maybe from the act of "racing" ? I prefer to think of children running - they see something and run to it - then they see something else and run to that. The act of running is part of who they are but doesn't determine them.

PippiRuns in reply to Bazza1234

You are definitely right about that observation, Bazza. For me the obsession to not stop stems from the fact that walking 5K or any of the other distances we talk about as runners, even a marathon, wouldn't constitute even the slightest problem if I were to just walk them.

So when I walk, I feel that I am not exerting myself, not doing anything I special. Because running does make me feel special. It is something I have never been able to do before, and I am in awe - every time I run - of the fact that I am actually doing it.

But walking breaks is a really good way of building up for longer distances, and I am going to remember what you have said about children running and stopping all the time. It is actually a very natural thing to walk/run, not a problem.


Woo Hoo fabulous Iben !

6k , Well done , you are doing so so well !

Oh I love your description " Strong, happy and beautiful " You so are ! :-) xxx

PippiRuns in reply to poppypug

Thank you Poppy!

Congratulations iben!6 k milestone in the bag!😊😆

PippiRuns in reply to aliboo70

Thank you Ali!


Iben, if you did a marathon and walked in the middle, you would still claim the marathon, and quite correctly.

You are absolutely right!


Well done Iben!

PippiRuns in reply to Shivani05

Thank you Shivani😊

I love this whole post - spaghetti legs, strong happy and beautiful and feeling special. This forum is such a positive place. Your 6k is brilliant PippiRuns but for me your description of how it makes you feel is the most inspiring thing ever and sums up why I wanted to run in the first place. 👏👏😀😀

PippiRuns in reply to OldPossum

❤❤ Thank you.


It's Laura's fault, she brainwashed us! Well done and congrats on your PB!

You're right about that. She did brainwash us, didn't she!

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to PippiRuns

Yes I still hear her nagging - "it's very important that you keep going" I stop whenever I wish now but I still feel a bit guilty, like she'll jump out from behind a tree and tell me off...


Fantastic! You did run 6k! You are indeed strong, happy and beautiful :) Running is wonderful :)


Well done! I think you can safely consider that a 6k.

PippiRuns in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you Ully :-), I was convinced by IannodaTruffe's argument - I would of course consider a marathon a marathon even if I did walk a bit... Not that I will ever do a marathon...

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