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Race for Life on Sunday.....and I have a shin splint :-(

I'm absolutely gutted! I am a week off finishing the program but had still planned on trying to run the full 5k, but now I'll be lucky to run any!

Everything was going well on Sat, I ran the furthest I've ever ran at 2.3 miles and felt great. Then I tried to go out yesterday and as soon as I started running I could feel the pain. The backs of my calves were really right too. I ran a mile then decided to stop before I did anymore damage and had an ice bath when I got in. I've been stretching and icing since and also took some ibuprofen.

I had planned on running on thurs but now I think I should rest it before Sun.

I know what's caused it...over zealous beginner, running on concrete and most likely unsuitable trainers :-(

I'm planning on having my gait analysis done but can't really afford the cost of new trainers until next pay day so was putting off til then, and just counted myself lucky not to have any problems...til now! Serves me right I suppose!

I've been recommended KT tape for Sunday's race for life. Has anyone tried this and did it help?

I promise I'm going to invest in some proper running shoes but until I can afford them, I need some help to get through Sunday!

:-( a very down in the dumps Jefna!

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what a shame you are suffering shin splints. i hope that they recover well enough to do the run on sunday.

i am running in a pair of cheapo trainers cos i can't afford any decent ones, nor know which to go for either. i don't know if i need support ones or what! a trainers a trainer after all? apparently not.

best of luck..


I do hope you can do the run - I did my first ever last Sunday, and it was a fantastic atmosphere ... but don't be tempted to zoom off too fast at the start... I did, and ran out of steam, but nonetheless, I loved it, and am looking forward to doing next years.

As regards trainers, buy the best you can afford, and from somewhere who can fit them for you. I went to Run in Worthing, and they videoed me (much to my horror!) but the shoes and the socks are just so comfy, I don't know I've got them on.

Good luck, and don't be down in the dumps - running is brill!


Hi Jefna, that must be so frustrating for you.I hope someone out there can help with advice re.the tape etc.,I'm no use on that score,I'm afraid - but just wanted to wish you well , a speedy recovery and good luck if you are able to take part on Sunday.


Thank you for all you replies!

Haha yes Niknok I was the same, but I think my legs are telling me that actually my trainers are pretty naff!

Ah newrunner56 it sounds amazing! Glad you had fun, and I'll be there even if I end up walking it!

Thank you for the well wishes Carecol, I'll let you know how I get on!


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