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Hot Weather

Much as I like his hot weather, Does anyone else find it frustrating as me, as it's messing up my run routine! The last run I done was Thursday morning when it was cool in the morning. I go to work late on Thursdays so was able to go out at 9am and run about 6.5K, I'm aiming for 10K. I was working Saturday and busy Sunday morning. I just can't run in this hot weather, it's was 27C when i got home from work today and thought I would be mad to run in this so would wait till later. Its now 8.15pm a bit cooler but can't get the motivation to go out. Also I find if I run late I can't sleep at night as I'm still fired up.. :) I notice some of you do early morning runs but I haven't the motivation for that either... I guess I'm being a bit lazy. I was considering joining a running club for a bit of motivation, does anyone else belong to a club? I don't want to race or run a marathon, just to keep up running to keep fit. Also I don't want to lose what I have built up so far. Would once a week tide me over until its gets cooler?

Sorry that was a bit long but just putting down how I feel. :)

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I can't do early mornings either ! We go when hubbie gets back from work - between 6 @ 7, then have dinner after. But it is horribly hot and with hay fever too I'm really struggling. But I can't do early!!


I've had the same problem and it has really taken the shine off my graduation week. I've been waiting until it has cooled down to about 25 degrees and then going out, but I then can't sleep and I ended up going sick for a day last week as I was totally exhausted from lack of sleep. I find morning runs easier than evenings but have only managed those at weekends. Into out before breakfast and I hear the breakfast calling me, what more motivation do you want to get to the end of the session! Graduated tonight despite the heat!


I haven't run for two weeks now due to the heat. The last time I went out, (middle of the day, stupidly) I managed 3k and found I just couldn't breathe so, for the first time, I gave up on my run and headed home. Hoping to get out tomorrow first thing but I have no idea how well I'm going to do. Disheartening, isn't it?! You're not alone.


Oh Lizzie, kinda pleased to see your blog - I've not been able to see loads of things during this site revamp, it's really p***** me off. Anyway, back today and feeling cross because my run today just didn't happen! I ventured out before 9 with my portable water supply, but after about 10 minutes I was exhausted and struggling to find air to breathe! I was out for about 20 mins total and when I got home after walking.... I was completely shattered. Really hope it is just the heat, not my failure as a runner ... feel so angry that either heat, or fat, or age is thwarting my endeavours. Guess we just have to 'hang in there', and remember all those messages we received as undergrads about our bodies not forgetting their training, even if the mind tends to want to play silly buggers with us.

Here's to successful running again soon, Cheers, Linda x


Luckily for me I'm a morning person - I run around 5am anyway (then I get home and take the dog out; she's my cool-down walk). It's been fine in this weather, although still hotter than normal.


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