How do you run slower???

Sounds simple in theory but I'm finding it weird to run slower! I've just finished week 7, run 1 was great, run 2 my legs hurt afterwards and I realised I'd ran 4.35km in 25mins! Which sounds fab! Then today at 19 minutes I got a pain down my right leg! I ended up having to do the last 6 mins walking and trying to run a little further! I've tried slowing down, but again tracking my run I seem to have gone faster...even in the heat!! I think I will go back and do week 6 again, don't want to cause a more serious injury and be out of the game for several weeks recovering! Hope I get past this as I am learning to love running and already downloaded a bridge to 10k programme haha!!

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  • Have you tried running with someone else? I thought I was running slowly, then I ran with someone else and found I had to really slow down (about 50%) otherwise I would have left them standing (and I'm not a great runner!). Only did it once, but since then, I've been able to run much longer distances. I do still find it quite difficult though, as my natural pace seems to be quicker (albeit for shorter distances)

  • I haven't no, I have a friend who wants to start running, but our schedules always seem to clash! May have to get something arranged tho and see if it helps. Thanks for the advice :)

  • Try to take short steps, so you take as many steps as normal you just don't go as far, and it reduces the effort as well.

  • PS...I found running slower quite difficult at first, but it can really help your training schedule.

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