Couch to 5K

I did it!! I did it!! Heh, heh, that fooled the Title Police

I cannot believe that only a few months ago I have gone from an unfit 53 year old menopausal woman to a C25K Graduate runner.

When Laura said to slow down on Wednesday I wanted to keep going but knew I still needed to look after the old knees. I couldn’t resist a little side-ways skip (you know the one, where someone who is happy jumps and kicks their heels). I didn’t care who saw!

This website and the wonderful contributors have without a doubt been the key to my success. I have tried to run for over two years, always buying the monthly magazines and reading them religiously. But no matter how much I tried to follow the beginner’s guides, I could not run for more than 10 minutes without stopping. I would give up for a few weeks and try the same old thing again.

This programme is brilliant, tried and tested by lots of different ages and sizes and I cannot praise it enough to the point of getting obsessive. The blogs are so encouraging with friendly, supportive responses by fellow runner who never seem to tire of concerns, moans and groans.

Good luck to everyone on the programme. Keep reading this website as you will have your own personal trainers anytime of the day or night.


PS. I would have posted this much earlier but could not log on with my usual info. Hope the new layout teething problems are sorted soon.

PPS. These tags are silly!

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well done, I am a 55yr old, unfit woman, and am currently on Week 4. At the start of this, I never expected for it to work and didn't really think I would get this far, and more than that, I never thought I would ENJOY it, but amazingly I am. I still really think it is unlikely that I will be able to run for 30mins, but I will continue with the programme and see what happens. I can picture you doing your little side kick LOL. Well done and hope you continue enjoying your running x


Thanks Katee1958. You WILL be able to run for 30 mins because as you go through the programme you don't really notice the extra minutes, until one day when Laura tells you those magic words!

Good luck



You will do it! From a rather tubby 56 year old :)


Thanks Kirble, I do hope I get there, I was so pleased yesterday morning when Laura told me I had run more than I walked :).... , it doesn't take much to make me happy x mind you it certainly made my forehead leak a lot LOL but I have noticed my face isn't quite as bright red as it used to be, and I certainly recover pretty quickly from a breathing point of view x


You can get rid of them, but I rater like like the very odd summary of your post! I'm on an iPhone and its pretty fiddly, but on a PC it should be easier to click the little red 'x's to delete that tag. It's annoying for the moment but I have full faith they will sort it. :-)

Well done on you graduation!


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