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W8R1 That was hard work but I done it!

Arrrghhhhh that was hard work. My calfs hurt when I started running and not sure how I managed 28 minutes. It was too warm and my breathing was terrible. People were looking at me on the seafront as I ran past them as I must have looked and sounded like I was dying! I threw my bottle of water over me in the end! My left calf is still hurting. But I done it. I ran 3.69km so cannot see me doing 5K in 30 minutes.

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I wouldn't worry. We were no where near 5k on graduation. We are at 5k but it takes forty something minutes!


That's more than I was running in 30 min when I graduated - and it wasn't hot in February either! Well done you - feel very pleased with yourself! :)


Thanks :-) I must sound miserable on my post. Do not get me wrong I am proud of how far I have come but have found the last few runs hard work. Maybe the warmth is not helping (bet I will be moaning when it gets cold and raining though!)


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