Couch to 5K

Biathlon baby... Oh yes

Biathlon  baby... Oh yes

Hello friends In this brave new world of health unlocked..

So today me and my beautiful friend Nicola had a bit of a session! Here's the juicyju list:

Parkrun- hot, hot and a bit more hot

We did the head/wrist sweatband combo.. And had some great comments

My 11 year old did it in 25 mins... He was on fire...

I managed to do it without silky Steve


Nicola and I went to the lido and swam a mile in the beautiful sunshine

We devoured our tapas treat after as felt we'd earnt it

Loads of naughty girly chat

Now swigging a nice cold beer

Perfect day


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Great picture! Beer sounds good - and very well deserved after all that effort. High five to Speedy Leon too!


Thanks Greenlegs...I'm very proud, a woman came up to his dad after and said how impressed she was with his ability.....hes doing so well and so lovely we can do this together!

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Sounds like a fun day!

I love that your son runs with you - got my own kid another pair of trainers yesterday (how do you lose trainers??? He's managed it more than once. Kids!) and he's expressed an interest in doing the C25k plan plan if I'll run with him. I'm hoping I can persuade him to start tomorrow :-)


Hi Lola.. That sounds great, I'm sure he's going to love that. Yes I can relate to the losing stuff, Leon has do far probably lost about 7 coats not to mention everything else!!! Hope it goes well.


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