Couch to 5K

Park Run 2 .. why 15 characters?!

After the heat of the last few days it was good that clouds appeared so I decided to do park run 2. With a wind in my face off I went along the beach front in Aberdeen. 'Check my speed' was going round and round in my head. Listen to Laura for the first 10 minutes to keep a good pace. It will be nice when we turn back to have the wind on my back.

HELP! Down on the esplanade, the wind disappeared and the sun came out. How does anyone run in the heat?! I walked a couple of times and had to keep checking my garmin as I now have a habit of going too fast. Thank goodness as I got to the turn with 0.5km to go the sun went in. Up the ramp and the wind reappeared. Thank you! Do I sprint for home?? Near the line, yes, I'll go for it.

My garmin said 30:35 for 5 km.

:) :) :)

This is a great training system.

Is there a park run tag available? Deleting irrelevant tags is annoying. Bring back choosing tags!


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