Couch to 5K

W4 R2

My calves were really screaming at me to stop running, today was not a good run.

Guess I am still a little dehydrated from yesterday, considering Monday's run was so good, I wasn't expecting too many problems especially with the weather turning cooler and the slightly spotting shower we were having!

The first 3 min run nearly made me head home, my breathing had not recovered by the end of the 90 seconds walking ergo the 5 min run was not a very good one, my calves were really screaming, and considering how many beautifully coloured bruises they are growing, it was a really hard decision to just carry on and not to turn around and walk home.

By the end of the 2 and a half min walk I had recovered my breathing and walked off the pains in the calves, for the second round I decided to shorten my strides and lift my legs higher-it worked, breathing was only slightly out by the end of the second 5 min run, by the time I started the cool down walk both calves and breathing were back to normal almost immediately.

Lessons learnt for last run of the week

Keep hydrated

shorten strides


1..2..3..4..everyday I'm shuff...a.ling


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