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I will be running/jogging/ staggering my final graduation run early tomorrow morning and I STILL can't believe I'm doing it/done it! I'm 5 stone overweight, always avoided exercise like the plague and have recently started anti depressants. I started in April so its taken a while but I've stuck to it by reading all your posts and questions as inspiration last thing at night on my phone and before going for my morning runs and I can HONESTLY say I couldn't have done it without you all. I often thought of blogging but never got around to it and I felt I got more out of reading others posts then creating my own.

I just felt like saying A MASSIVE ENORMOUS THANK YOU TO THE C25K BLOGGERS!! You've truly inspired me and changed my life forever. :-D

PS signed up for first park run on Saturday. It'll be a miracle if I do it in less than 45 mins but hey! I'm pretty slow!

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Way to go Rockcello! Sounds like we are in a very similar position with extra weight and head-demons to lug around. I started in April too and am just working my way through week 8. I did my first 5k on Saturday at around the 45 minute mark. Great to hear that you have found inspiration from all the fabulous people here. Do please come back and let us know how brilliant your graduation run was and show off your shiny badge! :D


It has been the same for me and I'm sure I wouldn't have reached week 6 without the help available here and reading your experiences is a great inspiration also. Hopefully you have completed your graduation run and will soon have your shiny badge. Have a great time at your park run.


YES!!! I did it!!!

I signed up for park run on Saturday so pushed to do 4k which I did in 34 minutes!! I can't blooming believe it...its all just amazing! I'm sending off for my badge now. I'm in shock really..I'm hoping I can push through like you couchtohockeypitch and do 5k in about 45 mins. I'm very nervous. It'll be my first run with *actual people* instead of the very early streets ...

Keep going librarie...this programme does special things to people!

I'll have to post again when I get my badge *sighs dreamily* my graduation badge!!


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