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Running shorts!

At the weekend (post run) we discovered we now have a spots direct. It's been so hot I decided to buy some running shorts.(tight fitted style) I wasn't sure which of two sizes to go for - my old one or the larger one ive been over the last year. I decided to risk the smaller. Wore then today. They were ok! I felt very exposed on the walk to the comyn (and worried about , erm , a toe?!) but once running, forgot all about it. Over the last few weeks I've def noticed we to better at 11 on a Saturday than a weekday evening. Having said that, we are not early morning people so we can't do weekday mornings! Next time we might do the speed.

Have to say, I'm glad were doing it, I feel healthier and feel good after a run. But I still feel knackered during every one. Not had an easy run ever. I'm hoping with time 5k will get less hard. Determined to continue though. Especially as we finally "confessed" what we are up to to my mum! (She's going to come and stay soon so she'd find out then anyway! I do wonder if its ok that our times wonder a bit - what do people think - is the pic ok?

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Your times look pretty consistent to me, you will always have a little variation. As a graduate feel free to fess up to anyone about your new found running. Enjoy :D


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