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Ditched Laura (sorry!) on W7R2

I decided to download some old club classics onto my MP3 player and do without Laura on this 2nd run of week 7 and I done well. Managed to go over and run for 27 minutes. I was actually a tiny bit slower on average but still pleased. I always find it tough around the middle of the run, but once I was towards the end I could have carried on. Temperature was lovely along the seafront today, the sun going down, perfect.

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Congrats, it's a sad day when you drop Laura (or is it her taste in music), but you lasted longer than I did.

Not long to graduation :-)


I'm desperate to have my own music to run to but have come this far with Laura (W8R2) that I feel I need to stick with her until graduation. I think I'll find it easier with my own choice of music to run to but I do like Laura's time checks and her giving me a pat on the back at the end. Sounds like you have a beautiful place to run :)


I will go back to Laura after the 3rd run when I start week 8. Just did not want to listen to the same stuff again in run 2 & 3. I do like it when she motivates but the music was getting to me a little so thought I would try without. I have bought one of those things to go on my arm to put my phone in and am using a running app. Funny it keeps making noises when I am running, I realised it was friends on Facebook cheering me on through the app! It keeps me motivated see how far I have run. In the last 5 days I have run 6.21 miles!


Sorry forgot to say, yes extremely lucky that I live by the coast so lovely at the moment to run along in this weather. Not looking forward to it in winter months though!


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