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I did my first run 2 weeks ago and it was rough. I could not get through the whole run, so I re-tried. I have complete week 1 with ease after that. And week 2 okay, but I really struggled with the third run.

I am trying to see if I should continue on to week 3 or redo the week 2 last run. I have found the heat nothing to worry about as I like to run in a wooded area. But different things are affecting my running.

About two months ago I was visiting family in Canada and my weight was up highest is ever was at 101kg. I have been having stress at work, money issues, my parents health issues (more from them not taking care of themselves) and I live in a shard house. I needed something to help.

I decided to try the couch to 5kg and I have been feeling better little by little. I run after work, Mondays and Wednesdays. Then Saturday afternoon or evening. I have been mapping my runs on but the distance are pretty close from 4.4km to 4.6km.

I'm not really expecting anyone to read this but some information if you do, I'm 27 years old, 173cm tall and was sporadically active as a child. I even completed a triathlon (1km swim, 12.6 bike ride and 4 km run) my final year of high school (aged 18). I moved to the UK two years ago. I love living in this city.

Now, for some numbers. At my top weight 101kg my BMI was 34, I am now 91kg, BMI 30.5. I have a goal weight in mind, 65kg (BMI 22) but I have a feeling that I will look sickly at that weight so my first goal is 80kg (BMI 27), then 75kg (BMI 25) lastly 70kg (BMI 23.5). I think that having a 'healthy' BMI is a good idea but there is also looking/being health.

I know how plans like this can really work with a little bit of other attention, I drink a minimum of 1.5l water at work, eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, eat soup for lunch even or dinner (Canada's summer can get up to 40deg C and winter a low as -20C). It is coming off slow but I hope that it stays off.

Last month, my dad told me that I have been lactose intolerant my whole life. Well it would have been better to know that, in my teens, or earlier. I think that now having to read every ingredient, (and knowing that it's not just milk, lactose but also whey that I have to stay away from) has decreased what I eat. I loved ordering in a Friday night pizza but can't now eat the cheese.

With all these different things accumulating in my life, the half hour I give my self for these runs has made such a different that in my mental health that my physical health has got better too. I just think that mental health can contribute majorly to the positive and negative affects on our lives with out having to know how bad it gets.

I want to end with one of my favourite quote's "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.'' Elle Woods, Legally Blonde.

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Hi there, firstly congratulations on your weight loss so far, my current weight is also around 91kg, so from a 'body shape' size I know where you are coming from. I did week 3 run 2 yesterday, and upto now, although tough, I have managed it, and despite having never been a runner, I am getting into thie 'me' time.

Have you heard of the parkrun scheme? I started my journey by doing a parkrun on week1 run 1 and loved it. It is a timed 5k race around local parks, if you google parkrun you should come up with the national site, but I think all the local ones have their own site. I like how it is all shapes, sizes and abilities, but no matter what, everyone is very supportive. I can't get there every week, but I have done 2 of them upto now.

Good Luck in your journey, if you feel you need to repeat week 2 I would say do so, go at your own pace, as long as you are doing something, it has to be good. x


If you you struggled with but completed the last run, I'd move on if I were you. I redid some of the runs but only because I failed to finish them and I wanted to be wholly satisfied in my own head that I was completing each week properly.

The course is set out so that each run is progressive and achieveable - surprisingly so when you are faced with each increase and sometimes you just have to face down the doubts.

I think the key is in your last two paragraphs. Just getting out there is what it's all about - the exercise will make you feel good about yourself, even though some of the runs will be hard and on some you may not do as well as you expect or hope. But just doing it and moving through the programme with longer runs and improved fitness makes it all worthwhile.

Keep going - you won't regret it. :)


I think many people find the programme hard, but if you've completed the run then just move on and have faith in yourself and the programme. I've doubted myself so many times and each time it's been fine. Some days aren't as good as others, but if you're struggling just slow down and keep going. I totally agree with you regarding mental health - having suffered from depression for many years, I'm now finding the running is really helping me. By the way in the UK there's a good range of lactose free products in the supermarkets so although food might be more difficult to sort, you shouldn't have to go without milk, cheese, yogurts etc as you can get lactose free versions which are lovely. Good luck with your running :)


Most of the world's population over 7 years of age is lactose intolerant, beyond about 250ml a day that is. However North European genetic types are less likely to have it (depending on parenting practices in the early years) It can be a fluctuating thing so people may not have a problem all the time and it may depend on things such as recent illness/stress. Some lactose intolerant people can tolerate cheese. But there's no doubt that it is calorie dense!

If you are finding it seriously tough (but it sounds as though you've never yet walked when you are supposed to be running, which means you are coping. If it was easy you wouldn't need C25K) it may be the speed - you are covering a lot of distance considering how many minutes you are running at this stage. Many of us are a way off 3 km.


Hi there, you know what it doesn't matter what weight you are or BMI or if you find the running difficult. What matters is you are doing some exercise, you are contributing to a healthy heart and internal organs and you are boosting your mental health, well done.

For that, you should be proud of yourself- brilliant


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