Eating enough?

I realise that lots of people may have to opposite problem, but I'm looking for some advice....

Weighed myself this morning and I've lost 8lb since starting the plan. Not great for me as I was already on the low side, now according to my BMI I'm underweight. People at work tell me to eat more cake, but that doesn't fit in with my healthy eating ideas!

So I'm looking for healthy food ideas that will help me still be able to run, but maintain my weight, or ideally put some back on. I'm a vegetarian by the way, so meat free suggestions.

My other half thinks I should stop running. But I'm really enjoying it, so I don't want too!!


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  • I'm a pescetarian, all I'd recommend is to maybe increase your portion sizes or up your meals to 4 instead of 3? Sorry I can't offer more as I struggle to eat healthy and often get ambushed by the sweet treats and unhealthy snacks ... I do however keep promising myself to look closer at :-)

  • Thanks, am checking out that site now! Maybe I'll try eating 4 times a day. I'm not sure I'm able to increase portion size as I struggle to eat a lot in one go. Little and often may be better.

  • Absolutely. I posted about this the other day -

    It's verry important to keep the calory intake matched with your running. I've just started using myfitnesspal to monitor it, and I'm struggling to consume the calories I need to. There's some good stuff in this month's Runners World about it.

    Just got in from Parkrun (505 calories) and made myself the monster shake from a recipe in RR - 793 calories, 26.5g protein in one glass.

  • Thanks, just read your post. Some interesting stuff. I have a Fitbit and can log food, so maybe I'll start doing that to see the amount I've been consuming. The shake sounds good, apart from the banana, ugh!! Haha, may substitute it for something else. Runners world, not thought of looking there, I've not classed myself as a runner yet, maybe I should?!

  • Weird as it sounds try substituting avocado for banana ?

  • That was what I was thinking of doing. Love avocado-hate banana! ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜

  • You can use my fitness pal and then link it to your Fitbit. I find this better especially if you are in the UK as the data base is better.

  • Actually I'm the same. I struggle to eat after a run and even go easy before one because I don't like the heavy feeling when I run. I think the shakes might be the way forward though. My hubby says I'm gaunt looking, but I'm totally fitter than I was, and since running started about last October I haven't had a cold or cough so I think it's doing me the power of good. Have you considered adding protein powder to the shakes or is that not suitable if you are vegetarian? I'm not a great believer in anything that comes from a packet- I'd rather eat fresh, but might be worth a look. After all there's only so many bananas one can consume!! X

  • Gaunt! That's what I was called this morning, not very flattering!! Yes I'm going to look into shakes. I'm the same about packets, but, I don't have any trouble drinking a bottle of wine on a girls night out. So drinking a few shakes sound do-able!!

  • Smoothies & shakes that are good for you sometimes taste strange so I drink them through a straw - the taste buds seem to get bypassed but appetite is satisfied with healthy choices :-)

  • Best invest in a blender, and some straws then!! Thanks for the tip.

  • You're welcome, I have a smoothie maker which has to go lids so saves on washing up yukky glasses & a gadget :-)

  • Ahh yes, I know the kind. I'm a washing up avoider. Couldn't live without my dishwasher, even that's a struggle to load/unload!

  • I think we have some other people here with similar underweight issues.

    Are you eating enough? There seem to be a lot of people around whose approach to healthy eating is all about not eating this that or the other... but because they don't really enjoy the foods they *can* eat they are not eating enough, or the food is filling them up but not providing sufficient calories for their needs.

    What's your appetite like? Are you giving yourself enough time to eat? It might be worth looking at foods which aren't so much energy dense in themselves but which will tickle your palate (I have a small amount of grapefruit juice in the morning)

    'Nowt wrong with a nice bit of cake in my opinion (unless you are one of those people who can't stop once they start, or you just don't particularly like it or it results in symptoms (BTDT with the latter)) but I'd agree with you that eating *more* cake isn't the answer. But if you are never, ever eating cake because you think it is practically poisonous then perhaps you may need to consider how that belief is working for you.

    If adding a bit more to your diet doesn't sort things out, checking up with the GP might be prudent, especially if you have any other symptoms at all.

    The lovely Laura suggests a banana after your run - sadly I quickly realised that suggestion was not one which should apply to me but it sounds as though it should to you.

  • Thanks for the advice. I am going to track what I eat to see if it is enough. I do often rush about so thinking about it, I probably don't give myself time. Especially during the day, more organised and forward planning needed!

    As for cake, some will be eaten this week for my birthday!

  • I love a big bowl of bran flakes with added raisins, sultanas, mixed chopped nuts and flax seed. It's quite calorific but also really healthy. Nuts generally really - they are full of 'good' fat and should help you with energy and keep your weight up.

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