Couch to 5K

Yaaaay!!! Completed C25K (well, C23.6k to be exact)

Finally did it!! Went out at 5.15 this morning - nice and cool, much better for running. After struggling with the first two runs of week 9, I decided to try the other end of the day - what a difference. Instead of feeling like I could collapse about half way it almost felt like I was flying (ok, so maybe not flying...). At the 29 minute point I started going a little faster for a minute (not quite a sprint), then I just kept going...

At 35 minutes I thought I must stop running or there won't be enough road to do the 5 minute cool down walk.

So there we are - 3.61km in 35 minutes - not bad at all for a 56 year old, ex-couch potato, who is still about 3.5 stone overweight. I realised early on that I was never going to make 5k in 9 weeks - but I am very happy, especially considering I nearly gave up after week 1. I only kept going after reading everybody's blogs on here and all your good advice and support, so THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!

What next - I have a Race for Life on 21 July in Cirencester (anybody done that one before, is it very hilly?) so for now I really need to increase my distance to 5k, not sure if that is do-able in 2.5 weeks. After that, I'll probably do a mixture of trying to speed up and other days increasing my distance, how far I don't know. During week 1 I thought I'd never be able to run for 30 minutes, yet only 9 weeks later I did! :)

I've definitely got the running bug! Happy running everyone.

Now to get my shiny green badge! :)

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So cool, well done, I have just finished W9R3 about 30 mins ago. Good luck with your Race for Life


Thanks and well done. it is no mean feat. ;-)


Well done and congratulations!


Welcome to the Graduate lounge and Well done! :)


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