I'm about to get my first 'proper' running shoes, but I don;t want to break the bank, and I have set a budget of around £50.

I'm a mild over-pronator (like most of us are with the wet foot test and looking at old shoes - outside heel and ball of foot wear).

What are people's experiences and recommendations for looking at?

Please help ~ there is TOO MUCH CHOICE!

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  • Sweatshop have a sale on at the moment, I'd go there, get gait analysis and take their advice.

  • Hi

    I was (rather spookily) on the phone the local Sweatshop when your message came though! I have just found out that there is one near me after all.

  • If they're as good as the Nottingham branch then you won't go wrong.

  • Thanks, I'll pop along next week.

    I know there is one in Exeter, but it is a Nike-only store; but I've just found they have one in Plymouth.

    Happy feet on their way!!

  • I'm off to Sweatshop tomorrow afternoon to get my gait analysed (there's something I never thought i'd say!). Happy shopping! :)

  • Good luck!! Let me know how it goes, if that's OK?

  • Of course I will :)

  • I second sweatshop, pop along they are really helpful and no pressure to buy, they definately want you in the right shoes, not any shoe.

  • Thanks for the reply. I will pop along next week and see how I get on.

    Being of both Scottish and Yorkshire heritage, I'm not easily persuaded to part with my money, so it could be interesting!

  • If you do a Park Run, if you have never done one before, the first timers get a Sweatshop voucher for £15, (at least I got one but sadly there is no Sweatshop in Oxford and my voucher expired!) maybe you are interested in doing a Park Run on coming Saturday??

    I am going to buy my first 'proper shoes' today, hopefully they won't be too expensive!

    Good luck to you for your running!

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