Couch to 5K

The build up.... Or am I just obsessed?


Im Going for a 10k ... With my lad Leon tonight. Does anyone else get the whole build up thing?

All day ill be thinking ( in fact I am already):

Can't wait to be just running free

Thinking about the milestones

Planning the route

Obsessively checking the weather

Obsessively observing food intake ( my rule is a nice banana at 3 then nothing till after run at 6.30)

Thinking about my times/ how can I speed up

Getting the build up of excitement in my belly as I drive home

Then the fear... Will I make it?

Underwear concerns

Listening all day to silky Steve ( I love the music he helps me drive as my commute is the same as my 10k so he keeps me going all the way home)

Or am I just totally obsessed and probably a bit wierd? Does anyone else do any of this.. Or have other 'build up' thoughts/ routines??


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I do too, apart from the last two...

I am in Gothenburg this week and have found a very nice park/forest to run in this evening. So I am going through the routine above with the added concern of not getting lost while I am going for my run!


Wow that sounds very glam!! Have fun


Obsession is the word-I am too. But it's not a bad thing to be obsessed about. Good luck for this eve:-)


Thank you... It was a really hard run I stopped after 50 mins. We went past loads of people - runners, cyclists, man and dog, and I smiled at every single one and all they did was give me a dirty look. It actually really upset me and I felt like crying. I know I look a nutter wity neon head and wrist bands but I am human!! Serves me right for getting so excited about it!


Some people are such idiots.... you have the freedom to run in any way you like and so what if they ignore . at least on here you're among friends here so please don't let a few prats out there get you down...

Think we should all have neon orange sweat bands, and show or support of juicyju ..... I think you could be starting a trend there.


Thanks Matthew W ... Comforting words. On the positive side my knees are better so I no longer need the cold carrots, so I can eat them instead :)


Uggghhhh cold carrots, really not my thing, but you need to worry less, relax and go run some more....

Happy Running.


Poor you - I hate that when you are bowling along and something or someone bursts your bubble. Take no notice - most people are just in there own zone - or they are just plain miserable. Run for yourself (and us)and keep smiling. You are such a cheery person - you keep us all in the game - and I love your posts.

Psst - you can be the first to know I have done something very daft and signed up for the London Marathon ....and I have a place - how obsessional and not to mention rather getting ahead of myself is that. Yikes - I will be asking for posts on training programmes etc and moral support - when I actually tell anyone and they look aghast and say you can't possibly do that.....


Awwww thank you so much that's so lovely, I'd better make sure I stay happy then!!

I am SOOO jealous I so want to do the marathon but oh f*** that's so scary!!! What a great aim though and I'm sure you'll do it .. Get some silky Steve to keep you on track!! Thank you so much xxxx


I'm sure that most non-runners would say that you are very definitely weird and obsessed - most runners probably not (though the last two are a little bit weird...).

I run first thing so cannot obsess about it beforehand - just organise myself the night before.


That sounds very sensible!!! I will aim to stop my obsessional behaviour and just go with the flow.


Hey Juicy - don't worry about the other runners. They're just wishing they were up to your standard. You're doing really well. Head up, chin out and if you want to wear orange fuzzy underwear as you sing-along-a-silky-steve, just go ahead and do it!

Only one thing to add .. I once asked my daughter if I had embarrassed her in front of her friends. "No Dad", she said ... "You HUMILIATED me!" So if your lad suddenly falls behind very time someone comes into view, you'll know you've gone too far :)

BTW the "humiliation" - I had picked up the girls from Guides in the next village and started singing along to the radio, or maybe it was a Beach Boys or Queen CD. Definitely something that 9 year old girls didn't think was cool ...


Great words thanks Malcy, fuzzy orange underwear that's hilarious!!!

He already is humiliated by me I keep threatening to go out with those shots/ knickers like Paula Radcliffe wore and he just gets really distressed!


I can't think why :)


You're definitely obsessed, feels fantastic doesn't it :D


It does indeed!!


aww don't let those sour faced runners get you down. They aren't worth it. Hold your neon adorned head up high. And keep smiling. It really riles me the lack of manners from some people. It really doesn't take much effort to smile. Wish there were more people like you about juicyju. :-)


Lovely words biker girl ... Thank you so much and yes I will and I'm going to keep smiling at them just to make a point ( and swear quietly at them after ive gone past!!)


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