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Is it just me, or is there something about C25k that makes it possible that I'm even considering taking my running stuff with me on holiday this Saturday?!

I'm going to Copenhagen, and am considering trying this:

I've never actually made it to 5k yet, but the 8th is three years since my actual university graduation. So I'm considering trying it, and might even run to some music from The Killing or some such!

Or would I be better off forgetting the holiday and going to visit a psychiatrist? :s

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Depends how patient your partner is! Doubt if mine would be terribly impressed if I ran off every morning! I think you should take your kit - can't weigh much - I'm taking mine and see how often I can do a little bit! If you don't take it you can't do any can you?


You are no madder than the rest of us. I think you should go for it. Its great running on a new route and you might just be inspired and hit that 5k!

Or at least, as beek says, take your kit. If you don't have it you might regret missing the opportunity.


I think that sounds fantastic... What a great place to have a run.. You enjoy it


I took my gear to Cyprus during the end of week 3/start of week 4 AND IT WAS AMAAAAAAZING!!


I think its ferry very sneaky of the NHS to get us all so addicted to endorphins so much that you can now not even have a holiday without thinking about running......

Take the gear with you but prepare to just relax and enjoy not training .... Give your legs a chance to fully recover.


I confess I take my kit with me, and so have run in some fantastic foreign places! Sometimes it's far too hot and humid (94C was a bit much) so I only do 15 - 20 minutes, but this running tourism lark is addictive :D The only down side has been coming back into the hotel as my colleagues came out of the lift - they'd only ever seen me before cool, calm and well-groomed, and i honestly think some of them failed to recognise the sweaty, beetroot-faced person in front of them (either that or they were blanking me in horror) - but on the whole it's great. I have now discovered that many hotels have back entrances where I can sneak in and out :D

Just go and enjoy it - you don't have to push yourself, just go for the fun :)


I took my running kit to Weymouth (yeah, I know, not as exciting as Copenhagen!) three weeks ago and ran along the beach a couple of times and once in a lovely park.

It made a lovely change of scene!


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