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Should I be trying to increase my time?

I graduated around march and have been running 3-4 x week since. Usually do a variaion of 3 up to 5 miles. However my minuets per mile has never improved really an I still maintain around 10 mins/mile whatever run I do. Each run is a toughie and I always feel like it a push to the end. Should I be looking at tring to improve my speed?

I have tried all of the stepping stones and use them often but I can't keep up the pace.

I have however been varying my routes and am now more confident in tackling a hill or 2 every now and again.

Any advice please fellow runners :-)

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I also found it quite hard to improve after graduation so I can sympathise with this. I also still find the end of every run a bit of a struggle, I thought they would get easier eventually! You could try adding in a short speed run to see if that helps? I do a short 2.4km run (that is the length of the fitness run used for the armed forces, police etc) in which I run much more quickly. I can run the 2.4km in quite a fast time compared to my 5km pace and hope it will get me used to running at a greater pace. If you find something that really works then please post a blog about it!


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