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W5R3 done....but not a 20 min run

So I just completed W5R3 but like I mentioned in my 'New to blogging' post, I'm using a different app to you guys. My 20 mins run doesn't happen til W6R3. I've also realised another difference with my app, my graduation happens at W8R3!

So today it was 7 min run, 2 min walk, 5 min run, 2 min walk, 7 min run. I was very apprehensive about this one because I was out Friday and Saturday night, and had a few cheeky drinks both nights. Last night was a late one and today I've suffered bad with my hayfever. Oh and it's windy as hell here up north which always makes me cringe when I'm planning on running! But I talked myself round into going out after reminding myself how good that sense of self achievement feels when I get back!

And you know was one of the best runs to date! I felt so much stronger, my breathing was under control without me having to concentrate too much on it, and my legs felt like I could've actually gone on longer, but I stuck to the plan. I realised tonight that I'm also starting to lift my head up instead of looking at the ground all the time. It's nice to look around and take in the scenery as it keeps my mind off any niggles I might be feeling.

Yes the wind was bad when I was running into it but I did it, and kept my pace which I was chuffed about!

I can't believe that I'm actually starting to really enjoy this running lark!

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Keep up the good work. :) Your programme ramps it up fast at the end doesn't it! From 20 to 30 minutes over just two weeks, instead of over 4 weeks... Though if you carry on feeling good, no problems!

Good luck, and hope you carry on enjoying it too. :)


I know! I didn't realise until I started to compare it with the nhs one, but I'll just carry on and hope for the best! Thank you!


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