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Week 6 Run 2 - Peanuts

So i wanted to get out nice and early on Sunday morning (supposed to be a glorious day), so at 6:15am this morning off a went feeling full of the joys of summer.

5 minute warm up walk no problem, 1 minute into first 10 minute run problems ......

Last night we took the kids to the cinema (how rock and roll on a Saturday night), and whilst enjoying the film my wife gives me a small bag of salted peanuts. 30 mins later the whole bag was gone (nom nom ,....), didn't think else of it until ..........

1 Minute into first 10 minute run ... boy could I "taste" them. The thought of keeping in those peanuts "entertained me !!!!" for both runs - luckily for everyone concerned they are still where they should be.

Peanuts = Food of the devil

Changed my route today, through the golf course and the posh side of town (there is 1 in Redditch), distance was about the same but felt slower (blaming the peanuts). Feeling good if a little "pat and mick"

Enjoy your Sunday (F1, Athletics, Glastonbury etc etc)

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