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VERY tired after running

Hi, I'm 70 and am just starting Week 9. I love Laura's training and kind and inspirational talks during the recordings. However, just the last week and today, I notice I am extremely tired after running. It's about 4 hours since I stopped running and I'm just starting to perk up a little. Is it from not drinking water after running? In previous weeks, I ran with my son and we always drank some water afterward. I felt fine while running, and my doctor said, "Keep it up" when I told her I'd run 20 minutes during that c25k recording week....

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Very well done.

Let's face it, people half your age feel tired after a run, on each week of the programme. I remember almost falling asleep at work when I first started with pre work runs. As that level of exercise becomes part of your daily ( or every other day) routine, you will cope with that better and eventually you will actually feel invigorated by the run rather than exhausted.

Hydration and fuel are crucial to the body's ability to manage this extra exercise. Only you will know what works for you, but I would be willing to bet that you are not drinking enough both before and after a run. As long as you don't drink two litres in one go, you are unlikely to suffer any ill consequences from drinking more. Do some experimenting and find out what works for you.

I am writing this as I drink my pre run pint of very diluted, lukewarm (trade secret!!!) apple juice.


If you haven't had this problem when running with your son then the chances are it is to do with hydration as you suspect. Stay well hydrated the day before your run as that is what sets us up, and then hydrate pre and post run.

Also ensure you are eating following your run. Some people struggle with this but if you do not refuel you are very likely to feel tired. Very important for us more mature runners!

Good luck, graduation is so close!


There is no harm in upping your fluids after a run but also give the body a bit more time to adjust as well. I'll let you into a secret, everytime I up my distances I have to have a 10min nana nap until my body adjusts to the extra run time, it's just me. As my body gets used to it it becomes second nature. Personally I use a 10min relaxation app just to help recharge myself and then I am reinvigorated afterwards, ready for the rest of the day.


I often feel tired after longer runs - and longer is all relative really. 2 months ago did you see yourself running for 30 mins. I read something recently about the elite Ethiopian and Kenyan runners that said they train in the mornings and the rest of the day literally lie around resting and eating. Of, course none of us have the luxury of being able to do that. Good luck with week9 and would definitely drink and eat afterwards .


Thank you, All! I run my second 9th week run today and am thinking I should be less aggressive in my running. I'll bring some water with me this time for after my run. Thank you, All!


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