Couch to 5K

Lost my running mojo

Not sure why -nothing dramatic-just work quite tough teenage son making me do to much sensible parenting-feel a bit worn out with it all.

So yesterday decided I would not do my usual Friday morning run and have a lazy day instead. Had a row with youngest son -who berated me in no uncertain terms about not having his cooking ingredients ready that he told me about two weeks ago -really!! Then had a difficult discussion with eldest and the party he wanted to go to that night.

To my slight surprise found I had got dressed into my running stuff-so rather half heartily went on a run-did a sort of stamina hill route with stepping stones. Quite enjoyed it in the end, flipping hot though and whilst not a 100 % -satisfied with my times and that I went out.

So tomorrow I am going to have a crack at 5k in 30 mins. I am about 34 mins at moment-will see if my full mojo returns.

Happy running everyone

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Doesnt sound like you have lost that loving feeling for running, quite the opposite. You ran after a difficult day and said you quite enjoyed it. Maybe you can challenge your son to a run with the winner going to that party ! The competition might help with improving your time.


Oh yes I can see that mojo coming right back- well done go for it!!


Great stuff getting out there after a difficult day; I find it helps if I run after a stressful day at work (although I prefer running as soon as I get up!)

So glad my lots teenage years have passed, now I'm happy to deal with my grandsons 3 going on 13 strops! :-)


Can you pass some of that mojo my way if you find it? I'm gradually getting back into exercise after about 3 weeks out. Not ready for 5k yet though - volunteered yet again at Parkrun today. Maybe next week....


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