Have lost my running mojo (and need a very big kick up the ****)

Just back in from another not so good run (Monday wasn't great either!!)...only managed 18 minutes. Think I knew before I went out it wasn't going to be great as was knackered after last 3 days either spent in the office or airport /aeroplane and probably not ate the right things. However, it was nice to get some freshair!!

Going to give myself a stiff talking too and then search the house for my mojo...hopefully I'll find it before Sunday :)


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  • Hi Ali, just wanted to say get your assets in gear and ... ! No, seriously, after all your great runs you deserve a few slacker days. Have you tried the trial new podcast? I was finding 30 mins at the same pace a bit monotonous, and the way the new podcast is broken up into 5 min segments at different paces really helped me. Let us know when you find your mojo! :)

  • Ali you sound like your having a hectic time of it lately so don't beat yourself up. The last thing you want to do it overdo it and wear yourself out. I'm sure things will settle down and you'll be able to get back out there more regularly. I don't think you have lost your mojo, just life has got in the way as it tends to sometimes. :)

    Good luck

  • Ali you are doing great, I think we are all far too hard to ourselves in the grand scheme of things. I'm reading "Born to Run" at the moment and one thing I have realised is that to enjoy running we have to love it it's own sake. I started this c25k to lose weight and train for a race, but in hindsight I guess because I am running to achieve a smaller dress size and a 10k medal, the running becomes a means to an end which means it feels like bloody hard work at times. Remember when you were a kid and just ran around/skipped cycled around like mad just for the hell of it? That's the feeling I want to recreate in order to carry on enjoying running. I've been a slave to the map my run to measure distances and times and am finding it a bit of a slog. So next time I'm just going to go out with no expectations, no gps, no timings and just run to enjoy the feeling of movement and the wind in in my hair. How about trying that? Xxx

  • Very good advice!

  • Thanks All. Misstrolly you do make a lot of sense! On the way back from a very succesful shopping trip (something that went well today :) ) was thinking that i need to do something different on Sunday (next run) and providing it's dry going to drive out and try running in the country....different view etc and as don't know the area that well there will be lots to keep me interested

  • therunningbug.co.uk/trainin... I hope this link works, I found it interesting. Running in the country has it's advantages. Enjoy Sunday :)

  • Ali I've been sticking to a 12 week schedule to get me to the race for life in July quite similar to doing the 9 week C25K, in that I'm doing it 3 times a week (even with being away this week) and I find sticking to something, with charts to fill in :) helps me massively although I admit I do get a bit anal about it!

    If it was just getting up and running I think I'd have problems with getting bored but having something to work towards really helps me.

    Go for it on Sunday! :)

  • Don't beat yourself up about it, some runs are great.... some runs are awful! I really enjoy mixing it up at the mo', some 5km runs, some B210K runs and a fartlek run each week.

    It's great if you give yourself a goal to work towards, but every now & then give yourself a break from targets and run just because you can.

  • Good luck tomorrow Ali! Forget the bad days and enjoy! Are you still going to join the running club?

  • My plan is to go along on Tuesday although very nervous re1) turning up on my own and 2)running (lol) - after the last couple of bad runs I am quesitoning my ability and don't want to hold people up. I will post afterwards to let you know how I get on.

  • Come on now Ali, you CAN do it, you have come this far, you've got the ability, just believe in yourself! Look forward to hearing about it!

  • Thank you! I know I can do it, just need to squash the 'doubting' gremlin :)

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