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Week 8 Run 1&2

Wow, what a difference to last week. I found the 25min runs in week 7 hellish, this morning... Yes just now (it's only 6.05am) I completed 5.73km in 44 mins... Ok so I cheated and ran an additional 5 mins, but I felt like I could so why not. I've really enjoyed these two runs and the fact that I did over the 28 mins makes me confident that I'll graduate next week at doing 30mins.

Got to get my skates on though got a 10km in September and half marathon in October... I will do it !

Any ideas on nutrition anyone? I've started weight watchers but I still want to make better choices for my running ? Garbled blog... But very excited and it is only 6.17am when I'm finishing this .. Lol.

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That's impressive. A run completed by 6.05am and you ran the extra five minutes. I'm normally contemplating my morning commute around then.

Are you in a different time zone or has your watch stopped ?!

No idea about nutrtion except pasta seems to work for me and that you should probably avoid eating at the same time as your run. It just gets messy.


Thanks... I'm in Cardiff. I read that exercising within the first 40

Minutes of waking up is good. I'm lucky as I don't start work until 10, so I even managed to get back into bed ( after drying off) and grab an hour. Felt like a dream, but checked my walkmeter and yes I had done it lol.

Thanks for the tips on nutrition.


You're my hero! Out and back by 6am?! I'm more of an evening runner so that sounds like hell to me- well done!

Re. nutrition, it completely depends what you're trying to achieve? I'm guessing if you've joined WeightWatchers then you're trying to drop some weight? What I loved about WW is they allow you extra points for activity so you'll be allowed some extra treats but it will be up to you if you choose to use them. I felt very virtuous when I got to the end of a week with points to spare!

I'm sure you know all this but in very general terms, you want to stay well hydrated (8 large glasses of water a day or even more if it's a hot run), stick to whole grains in everything (bread, pasta, rice etc.) and up your fruit & veg intake. A meal of pasta would fuel you for a run but if you run in the morning having a big plate of pasta the night before and then going to sleep on it isn't going to do much for your weight loss!

I tend to run in the evening so I'll have my carbs at lunchtime and then run about 7pm. If I'm hungry when I get in, I'll have a salad or soup (as well as lots of water) with a banana but often I'm not and therefore I don't eat afterwards. I don't starve myself but my feeling is if you're not hungry, why force yourself to eat?

Anyway, that's just what I do! Everybody is completely different and what works for one might not work for another. Have you been managing to lose weight on the programme? Because I've been really struggling! I think it's the increased muscle mass but my scales haven't moved in weeks. Grrrr!


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