Couch to 5K

Week 9 and mighty fine!

At last no sun no humidity! Bit of a wind and I deliberately ran into it for more of a challenge. All the other runners were running the opposite way to me. I've been getting hung up on time so I thought just run for 30 minutes and don't worry if you're slow. There's a music festival going on in the park where I run, so as well as Laura's songs I could hear the 'thud thud' of the bass beats.

I feel I've been accepted as a runner, I keep seeing the same people and they are nodding or smiling at me. Not that I care about being 'accepted' but it doesn't hurt!

Well fantastic run everything just right. The last five minutes are where I've stopped a couple of times and that bit of track was coming up. I decided not to risk it and ran down beside the lake off my usual route and said 'Hello' to the ducks.

Before I knew it I was done and 'Runkeeper' had come in, so the music paused and at the end I had run for 32 minutes and could have carried on!! Went in the park loo splashed water on my face and realised I felt amazing, no nausea, just felt very strong if that makes sense, physically and mentally.

Hope the final two runs are going to be as great??


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That's great! We are at exactly the same stage, so here's to a good last couple of runs before G R A D U A T I O N!


Wehey! End of the week if all goes well!



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